Library Cards


The CW Mars eCard allows you to access electronic materials, such as ebooks, audiobooks, magazines and databases.

You are eligible to apply online if you:

  • live in a Massachusetts town with a CW MARS member library,
  • are age 13 or older,
  • and do not currently have a library card from a CW MARS member library.

Click here to apply:

Come in to the library at any point and convert your eCard to a physical card by using this process:

West Springfield Public Library Card Registration

Any Massachusetts resident age 5 and older may apply for a West Springfield Public Library card. As a member of CW Mars, West Springfield Public Library (WSPL) accepts all other member library cards for borrowing purposes. Therefore, you would not need a library card specifically for WSPL if you already have a card from another local library. Applicants for library cards must show proof of address and complete the card application. Patrons may borrow up to three items the day of applying. The library card is then mailed to the patron and may be used at other area CW Mars libraries.

If you need to renew an existing card, please call us at 413-736-4561 x 0. If you’re not sure if you have a CW MARS (Central Western Massachusetts Resource Sharing) card already, ask us!

In order to register for a library card, please come into the library and verify your current address with a valid ID.  If your valid ID does not show your current address, please bring in a copy of a current utility bill.

Suggested forms of ID:

  • Drivers License
  • Valid state ID with picture
  • Passport
  • Student ID
  • Work ID
  • If the above are not available, patrons may provide proof of address such as:
    • Recently received piece of mail with the current address
    • Personal checks with the printed current address
    • Positive identification for children can be provided by a parent or guardian, a YMCA ID, a bus pass, or other local forms of positive ID

    Library cards can be used throughout the entire CW MARS network, you are not limited to the library you receive it from. If you have any questions, feel free to call us or e-mail us at: