Using Library Computers

Adults are granted one 3 hour session per day, young adults (ages 13-17) are granted 90 minutes per day, and children (ages 12 and under) are granted one 45 minute session per day.  

Adult patrons without a C/W MARS library card may ask for a guest pass at the Adult Services desk if they have a valid photo I.D. 

Patrons may use the computers for internet access, word processing, and printing as long as they adhere to our computer use and internet policy.

Patrons must bring their own headphones/earbuds if they wish to use sound. 

Printing from the Library's computers costs $ .20 per page for black and white or $ .40 per page for color.  

Please note that the Library is cash only for printing and copying, and our vending towers currently accept .05, .10, .25, $1, and $5 denominations.

Wireless Printing

Wireless printing is available at WSPL from your phone, tablet, or laptop. To connect to our printing system, patrons must send file(s) as an email attachment. If you have the file(s) as an email attachment already, the email can be forwarded. To print the entire text/body of an email, simply forward with no attachments. For printing in black and white, email document(s) to For printing in color, email document(s) to You will receive an email confirmation with a preview of your print. Patrons do not need to be on library grounds to connect wirelessly to our printing system.


The West Springfield Public Library (WSPL) is committed to free and open access to information. Materials are provided in a variety of formats and services to help people obtain information that meets their personal, education, cultural, and professional needs. The WSPL computer system provides an opportunity to integrate electronic sources with other information networks that are local, national, and international in scope.

Internet Usage

The Internet is an unequaled information seeking resource that allows WSPL to provide information beyond the library’s own collection. The Internet is an unregulated medium, hence, WSPL cannot verify accuracy, timeliness, usefulness, validity of information, availability of sites, or content of information found on the Internet. Users are urged to carefully evaluate information gathered from the Internet. The WSPL is not responsible for damage or any liability arising from access to or use of information obtained through our Internet computers. The WSPL neither censors access to materials nor protects users from information they may find offensive. There are no filters on any equipment connected to the Internet at this time. Internet computers can only be used for legal, ethical purposes. The library reserves the right to terminate an Internet session at any time.

Statement of Parental/Guardian Responsibility

Parents or legal guardians are responsible for deciding what library resources are appropriate for their minor children. As with other library resources, supervision or restriction of a child’s access to the Internet remains the responsibility of a parent or guardian. The pamphlet Child Safety on the Information Highway, produced by the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children, provides more information on children and the Internet. Copies are available in our Youth Room.

Staff Assistance

Computer and Internet access at WSPL is intended for independent use. Librarians will show patrons how to access the Internet and explain basic navigational commands. Lengthy one-on-one tutorials are not possible due to staffing constraints.

Unacceptable Uses of the WSPL Computers

The following are not allowed:

  • Viewing legally obscene materials.
  • Violating state or federal laws regarding unauthorized use of computing resources or networks.
  • Interfering with the intended use of the information resources.
  • Attempting to alter, reconfigure, or damage computer software soft hardware, including installing personal software on a library computer.

Approved by the Board of Trustees 11/24/98 Amended 5/25/99; 12/17/02; 07/26/22