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Borrowing & Fees

Borrowing Limits

Each registered patron may borrow a total of 50 items. However, you may only take 25 items at any one time. Of those 50 total items, you may borrow up to:

  • 3 items on a new card (for first-time borrowers)
  • 12 periodicals (4 of any one title)
  • 4 books on any one subject
  • 4 books by a single author
  • 6 graphic novels of a single title
  • 8 compact discs
  • 8 books on CD
  • 2 Playaways
  • 3 puppets
  • 1 Youth Room Theme Kit
  • 4 media kits (Youthroom book-cassette combinations)
  • 20 DVD's (only 8 WSPL's DVD's/Blu-Rays per card)
  • 1 pass to an area museum or zoo
  • 2 CD-ROMS per card
  • 1 video game

 Renewing Materials

Most items may be renewed for an additional loan period IF there are no reserves. Interlibrary Loan materials are typically not renewable. You may also renew items online at (click on the Log Into My Library button.)  You may also call the library at 413-736-4561 to renew by phone.  Please have your library card number ready before calling. 

Overdue Fees

Video games, Blu-Ray's and DVD’s: 1 (One) dollar per overdue day per item, maximum $5.00 per item. 
Theme Packs and Museum Passes: 5 (Five) dollars per overdue day.
All other materials: 10 (Ten) cents per overdue day per item, maximum $3.00 per item.

Suspension of Borrowing Privileges

Your borrowing privileges will be suspended if one or more of the following applies:

  • you have five (5) or more overdue items
  • you have one (1) or more item(s) more than 30 days overdue (considered “lost”)
  • you claim to have returned more than one (1) item not found in the library,
  • your accumulated Fines exceed $10.00 payment for "lost" or damaged material is not made within 30 days.

Loan Periods

1 Week
All Videos, DVD's and Magazines

2 Weeks
All NEW Books

3 Weeks
All other books, music audio-books, puppets and software

  • Please rewind all videos.
  • When the library is closed, videos can be returned in the drop boxes and will be “on time.” For example, if a video is due Monday, it is “on time” if it is in the drop box by 9:00 am on Tuesday.
  • $1.00 will be charged for each lost or damaged video case.
  • The West Springfield Public Library is not responsible for any damage to equipment as a result of using library materials or as a result of illegal use or misuse of its videocassettes or DVD's.
  • The borrower assumes responsibility for all videocassettes while in his/her possession and is reminded of the copyright laws: the copyright proprietor has a license for the picture contained in the videocassette format for private use only, which prohibits any other use, copying, reproduction, or public performance.
  • Please handle DVD's with extreme care. They are easily scratched and cracked.
  • If you notice that an item appears to be damaged, please alert a staff member before you borrow the item.

Replacement Prices for Lost or Damaged Materials.

  • Equipment - $35.00
  • Adult Nonfiction - $25.00
  • Adult Fiction - $23.00
  • Large Print Books - $23.00
  • Juvenile Fiction - $15.00
  • Juvenile Non Fiction - $20.00
  • Juvenile Picture Books-hardcover - $18.00
  • Juvenile Picture Books-trade - $5.00
  • Juvenile Boardbooks - $8.00
  • Beginning Reader - $12.00
  • Compact Disc-Adult /Young Adult/Juvenile - $15.00
  • CD-ROM-Adult /Young Adult/Juvenile - $40.00
  • Book and CD, Book and CD-ROM or Book and Disc sets** - $50.00
  • Audiocassette-Adult/Juvenile (price per tape) - $9.00
  • Paperback-Adult/Young Adult/Juvenile - $5.00
  • Young Adult Fiction - $18.00
  • Young Adult Non Fiction - $23.00
  • Magazine or Periodical - $3.00
  • Video and DVD-Adult/Young Adult/Juvenile - $20.00
  • Video and DVD Non Fiction--Adult /Young Adult/Juvenile - $30.00
  • Toys and Puppets - $20.00
  • AudioBooks--Adult /Young Adult/Juvenile (price per tape or CD) - $9.00 (TAPE) / $15.00 (CD)
  • Educational Theme Packs - Priced as Indicated

In lieu of the replacement cost(s) listed, a patron may replace any lost or damaged items with an exact duplicate of that item with final approval upon inspection by the librarian-in-charge. Late fines still apply.

**In the case of the Book and Media sets the patron should be charged $25.00 for each piece of the set that is lost or damaged. Patrons should only be charged for those pieces of the set that are actually charged to them

Other Fees

The Library does not charge fees for most services such as the use of special collections, library sponsored programs, or borrowing books. However, certain fees do apply. Photocopies are $0.20 per page for black & white and $0.40 per page for color. Replacements of lost or damaged library cards are $1.00 for the first replacement and $2.00 thereafter.


A refund will be granted to any patron presenting the receipt and lost item within 30 days of payment. The refund must be approved by the librarian-in-charge.

New Cards

Any Massachusetts resident above age 5, may apply for a C/W Mars Library Card. West Springfield Public Library is a member of C/W Mars and may use other member library's cards. Therefore, you would not need a library card specifically for WSPL if you already have a card from another local library. Applicants for library cards must show proof of address and complete the card application. Patrons may borrow up to three items upon first use. The library card is then mailed to the patron and may be used at other area C/W Mars libraries.